Products & Services

SAM 7.0 The Ultimate Mechanism Designer
SAM (Synthesis and Analysis of Mechanisms) is an interactive PC-software package from the ARTAS-Engineering Software for the design, analysis (motion and force) and optimization of arbitrary planar mechanisms.

SAM is a popular tool for everybody involved in the conceptual design, motion/force analysis and optimization of mechanisms as applied in equipment, automotive industries (roof mechanisms of convertibles) but also in medical, lifestyle or domestic products. It has been using in many educational institutes and professional companies in Europe and around the world.

CIMCORE ARM with integrated scanner,
CIMCORE ARM with external scanner
CIMCORE’s portable coordinate measuring machines are designed for industries that need to inspect, measure or reverse engineer work pieces on the shop floor or in the metrology lab. These portable CMMs are particularly well suited to inspect parts that are impractical or impossible to move to a stationary CMM. CIMCORE’s measuring equipment is used worldwide in the automotive, aerospace and general industrial markets. It is also available with a fully integrated and certified laser scanner system with seven rotation axes or with external scanner ...

Software for Tube Inspection Systems
Software solutions from Hexagon Metrology are the byword for high user-friendliness, stability and minimum familiarization times. Hexagon Metrology has developed a highly specialized application for measuring tubes that has the special ability to automatically set a variety different tube bending machines through customized.

Rexcan 3D Scanner
The Rexcan series of industrial 3D scanners provide highly accurate and detailed 3D measurement data with use of the white-light and blue-light scanning technology and high-resolution twin-camera, enabling users to have the fast and easy metrology experience.

Key Features:
  • Automatic scanning & Active sync.
  • No targets or manual alignment needed
  • Ease of scanning path generation
  • Automatic calibration
  • Detachable Rexcan CS
  • Can be installed on your desk

Engineering Service
  1. Jig & Fixtures design and manufacturing
  2. 3D Modeling, Assembly and Drafting service (Available file formats: UG NX4, Step, Parasolid, DWG, DXF, Tiff, PDF, etc.)
  3. Factory Automation design and manufacturing e.g. packing machine, product transfer unit, customized-design according to customer requirements, etc.

  4. Machine speed increase:  Design, Analysis & manufacturing using Timing diagram optimization, UG NX4 Motion Simulation, Dynamic model calculation, Optimize design of moving parts, etc.
  5. Machine parts making
  6. Cam design and manufacturing: Cam design for new machine or cam design to replace the old cams.

    Standard cam profiles: Cycloid, Linear, Modified Sine, Fifth-degree polynomial
    Available file formats: UG NX4, Step, Parasolid, DWG, DXF, Tiff, PDF

  7. Energy recovery system design

Programming Customized Database Software or Software for Engineering Computation
  • Microsoft Excel VBA: User interface, computation, database management
  • Microsoft Access: Database